Generating reports -- exclude hidden layers

For example: I want to generate a report of framing only, so I have hidden the cladding & finish layers. But when I generate a report (of current selection), the report contains nested entities whose layers are hidden. This seems like an important aspect of controlling reports.

edit: see my workaround in post #4

use control all to select all shown , then tick “current selection”

Using Current Selection still results in a report that includes entities in layers which are toggled off, but are nested in the selected groups. It seems like i will need to make separate reports for each nested group, and then combine the reports. With 6 walls, 4 floor assemblies, and a roof, this means 11 reports.

I guess it makes sense that it works this way, but it’s inconvenient – it demands group heierarchies be structured around generating a report, or that multiple reports be generated. There are several other criteria informing my grouping & layering.

OK my current workaround is save a copy of the model, in which I delete all layers I don’t want in the report. This isn’t terribly inconvenient, but I still think there should be a feature of Reports in which you can exclude hidden entities. Maybe an additional checkbox.

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