Excluding hidden copies in reports


I’m creating dynamic components that spawn copies of themselves, and include geometry that separates the copies, but hides itself if it’s the original. It’s working correctly in the model, but I want to generate reports off these components. I can’t find a way to exclude hidden geometry from the report generator, so the quantity includes copies of the separator that aren’t in the model. Anyone know a fix for this? I suppose I could add my own variable to do spreadsheet wizardry after the fact, but someone has to have run into this before with dynamic components. Hoping for a better solution. Thanks


You could create a ruby script that deletes the hidden entities within the parent, thus create a cleaner report. If after you want to change the model; then the affected DC(s) can be swapped with its original, so it will update and be ready to be reused
If you are interested in such an approach then l am sure we can help you to build a personal script to achieve your outcomes


Thanks for the suggestion. What I’m making is a cabinet DC that can change styles with dropdowns, so there are a lot of parts that don’t exist visibly depending on selected options. For instance, I can select drawers or doors. I want to paste this repeatedly for design, so there would be a lot of parent components with hidden sub-components. I also have to make a lot of changes after field verifying dimensions, so I’m trying to eliminate as many individual operations as possible. I have everything working visibly within the model, and layered well so I can just see all the door or all the cabinet parts visibly by deselecting layers, but since the report generator ignores that for sub-components, the report shows every part of every possible variant of the cabinet if any part of the cabinet is selected. The best solution would be a way to generate the report based on what I’m making visible in the model, which seems to me how a “Selected only” option should work. The Cutlist extension does this, but it only uses the pre defined DC attributes, and I need to use custom attributes.


Consider the offline report (temporary go offline, run the generate report and choose csv) this is a full detailed report. Open it excel then run the macro to remove the hidden elements.
This forum does not allow me to upload this type of file, so you will need to private message me and swap email addresses.


I’m able to get it sorted externally by building the model with custom attributes to mirror the hidden/layered status. The report generator likes to crash if you query hidden status directly, but another attribute with an IF(Hidden=True,) doesn’t care if hidden throws a “Null”. It’s just silly to have to jump through all these hoops because the program is behaving contrary to principal of least astonishment. I suppose with general purpose software somebody somewhere will complain no matter how it works, but including objects I’m deliberately excluding from my model seems like the wrong way for this to function.


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