Hidden components in report

Hi everybody.
I made some dynamic components for woodwork (windows,doors,stairs).My problem is that when I generate reports, hidden sub components occur.For example,my model stair has only 20 steps but in the report occurs 30(which is the maximum number of steps in my dynamic components).
As you can understand under these circumstances I can’t generate my cutting list.
Please if there someone to help
Thank you

You can count an attribute based on whether it is hidden or not by changing its value and use “group by…” in the report
count visible step.skp (23.7 KB)

However I use a script that deletes the hidden sub-components and freezes the DC options. The result can be swapped with its definition to reactivate if required.

How you wish to proceed is up to you,

either introduce a attribute to group by for all your DCs, I nominated “Name”, however if you are using the instance names, then use a custom attribute. “Item”…

or consider using ruby scripts

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The DC ‘Hidden’ attribute can be ‘grouped by’, but a filter would be more efficient. Though the symbol for DC’s is different for ‘native’ attributes (LenX,Definition name, etc) and can now at least be recognised, I would rather have a ‘native’ Hidden attribute (of course, it would recognise the hidden stuff of DC’s).
and a filter…

Thanks for helping.
I try the manual way and it works.I m gonna make some trials to be sure.I left the script for another time when I ll be more confident.
I do appreciate your help.

Yes it would have been good to have the DCs hard wired to the main code rather than an extension, now I guess we have to wait until LCs are able to replace DCs and fulfill your wish