GAFE school and cannot login via Google


We are experiencing the same issue- could you please whitelist and

Thank you,


@robertsonmatthew those domains are added.


Now, after I log in with my Google Account, the app never launches. My cursor just spins and it never loads. I have tried rebooting my Windows laptop, but still cannot launch the application.


@joy do you have an update for this?


@robertsonmatthew are you using a SketchUp for Schools recommended browser: Chrome 59+ or Firefox 52+ ?


@joy Yes. I have tested this on both a chromebook running v70 and a windows 10 device running v70.


@robertsonmatthew I have confirmed your domains are on the whitelist – but regardless, that’s not the issue here. If SketchUp for Schools was not installed by the G Suite admin OR you were not on our whitelist, you would get an error message before you could even progress to the loading screen. Unfortunately we cannot do much to troubleshoot your issue; load times can be related to any number of issues unrelated to SketchUp – e.g. internet connectivity, blocked domains through your district, etc. I would suggest trying to log in through a different connection, or testing through another student or teacher account to ensure the issue is not local.

If you actually get an error message when trying to load the app, at that point we may be able to troubleshoot. If that happens, please take a screenshot of the dev console (cmnd+opt+j on Chrome) and attach it to your reply.

One other thing worth trying is clearing your browser cache for SketchUp for Schools.


@joy - would I be able to PM you our domain for whitelisting? We seem to be having the same issue.


@toyah sure.


Hello, our students are also getting an error when logging in even after we’ve installed the sketchup for schools on our GAFE. Our domain is


Hello, some of my students (50%ish) are also getting an error when logging in even after we’ve installed the sketchup for schools on our GAFE. Our domain is and student account



We are experiencing similar issues with Sketchup for education, I think we need to be added to the “whitelist”. We have the app deployed but when we attempt to access it, it asks us if we are at the right place. Do you think you could help me out?

We are a K-8 School in Oceanside, CA.
Coastal Academy.
Our students are on Teachers are on

If you can add us that would be great if you need more information let me know. Thank you for your time!

My email is



Hello @joy We are encountering the same issue. We have activated it on our admin console and Google support has confirmed we have full data access for our domain.

Can you whitelist our domain? Thank you!


@rarcher @tor1 @csegina @btaitt – apologies for the delayed reply, I was out of office for a few weeks. All your domains are on the whitelist and you should be able to access SketchUp for Schools now.


Thank you so much, the students will be thrilled. @joy


Could you please add to the whitelist? I filled out the support request form yesterday but have received no response (or even acknowledgement).


@je1 – all set.