GAFE school and cannot login via Google

@tcampbell yep, all set.

@joy can you add

@bchurch done.

Running into a similar issue to others in this thread. Can you please add

Hi @nduane you’re on the whitelist

Hi, can you add and to your whitelist?

You’re all set.

Can be whitelisted as well, please? We are a K-12 corporation.


can you please whitelist, thanks


Hello, can you please whitelist we are K-12 Gsuite.

Any update on this?

You’re on the whitelist.

Thank you. It worked for 2 days and now its back in the login loop.

@jacob.aguinaga alright, it should work now. Clear the cache on your browser and try again, or try from an incognito window.

Our school has sketchup turned on for faculty only. We all get the same error when we try to log in. I am the super admin and have enabled sketch up and set all settings as they should be. I have also sent in the google form and have received no response, thus I am trying here.


@tdrobny I’ve added your school’s domain to our whitelist. Login should work now.

I would like to add our domains to the whitelist. loogootee, and

@liontech You’ve been added to our domain whitelist, you should be good to go!