Problems in GAFE?

We are struggling to get SketchUp for schools working in our Google Apps for Education environment.

Since SketchUp is not supported under our GAFE agreement, we are seeking help here.

We enabled SketchUp for all users and the icon is available. Users are prompted to sign in with a G suite account. Which is odd since they are already signed in. If you go ahead and enter credentials, it tells you the account is unauthorized.

Text of error message:

The user is not authorized to use edu.SketchUp. To use edu.SketchUp you must meet the following criteria:

You must use a G Suite for Education Google account not associated with a university or other post-secondary educational institution.
You must have the SketchUp app installed from the G Suite Marketplace by your school’s administrator.

Perhaps we are marked as post-secondary by mistake?


Hi Ryan,

Thanks again for reaching out. Let’s continue the discussion in this thread: As my School's G Suite for Education IT Administrator, how do I deploy SketchUp for Schools?


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