Future 3D Warehouse access issue?


I have SketchUp Make 2015, and since yesterday this message displays at the 3D Warehouse site:

“Uh-oh. Pretty soon you won’t be able to access 3D Warehouse from inside this version of SketchUp! Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to upgrade to the latest version of SketchUp. You can also fix this problem yourself.”

I uninstalled and reinstalled SketchUp today, but the message remains. Should I disregard it? (I use Chrome, btw.)


Uh oH !!! ~ The message should not appear in your version.

(The issue exists for versions older than SketchUp 2014.)


But I have the 2015 version - downloaded today.


You should not be seeing this message in SU2015. Can you load 3D Warehouse, then hold shift while clicking on the search button? Paste a screenshot of that debugging page here in this thread or PM it to me. Thanks.


I have deleted the data. Thanks.


@cingham111 Got it, thanks.

You can delete your post now (there’s some info, like email, that you probably don’t want to live here permanently).


@cingham111 Are you still seeing this warning message?


No. The problem appears to have been resolved. Much thanks!