Frosted glass in vray not behaving as it should

Hello! I can’t understand how to start a new topic on vrays forum so I go here looking for an answer. I have a big wall with aerogel and I have tried the vray materials frosted glass that come with vray and just tweaking the refraction glossiness but the problem is that while the things on the other side of the glass gets blurry, the shadows that fall onto the glass and the ones that are created inside the room are not affected by the scattering of light and remain as sharp as if they were exposed to the direct sunlight. I don’t have any real frosted glass or aerogel to try out how it would look like in real life but his just doesn’t seem right. Can anyone help me?

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Needs more blue to look like aerogel…

You can change the sharpness of the shadow by changing the setting of the sun -

I have tried with the fog setting but it doesn’t give me the desired result, I think some sort of sub surface scattering making it like a condensed cloud or something

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Thanks, I will experiment with the sun settings :slight_smile:

@andrtzej91, look at minute 9:16, and change the “size” from 1 to 5 or more, and you will see the difference you are looking for. :wink:

Good luck!

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