Final result with blurry reflecting, denoiser

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Hi everyone,
i got almost same problem. In final result my glasses table top is blurry, when i use Denoiser - Vray. if I use Denoiser Nvidia, the result is clear. Can you help me? How to get a nice reflecting result with Denoiser Vray? Why i need help? Another details is better with Vray denoiser.

You can control the opacity of the denoiser in the frame buffer window - I often end up turning it down for these kinds of reasons + some noise is desirable.

You didn’t respond to it in the last thread, but what do you glass material settings look like?
Most of the glass materials don’t have a perfect reflective surface, so there is always a degree of blurriness.
You can change the glossiness setting or even something like the GGX falloff if you need to make it smoother

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