French Translation bugreport

I’ve found a french / (français) translation bug in the interface and it may not be the only one so let’s create a topic.

To reproduce :
start sketchup 15.1.104, draw a rectangle, select all, Menu window->Structure ( the one between layers and scenes)
It shows two group items that are incorrectly named “grouper” that, in french, is the infinitive of the verb “to group” where you really should have “groupe” here, the noun “(a) group”.

This sounds like a quick google translate job. I suppose that’s ok in a free program like the make licence, but it sounds bad in a software paid hundreds of bucks.

I love sketchup, I hope it helps folks !

It also appears in today’s update, version 15.3.329. See above for details.
This is really intended for the dev team, Other users with a care for french may confirm the issue.


Thanks for the report. This type of issue is a classic challenge for translators, and we’re working on ways to give our translation team better information about how a particular word is being used.