SketchUp Make 2017 bad bug in translation to Russian

Hello, SketchUp community.
Dear developers, I have a bug for you. It’s about incorrect usage of words in russian translation.

In translated menu “Окно->Лоток по умолчанию->” (“Window->Default Tray”) you translate “Outline” as “Обводка”. This is absolutelly incorrect (looks like you used AI translator, which translates therms “as is”). “Обводка” in russian means a process of drawing with a thick pensil over a thin contour. I searched “Outline” menu for 2 days before I understand what you means!
In fact “Outline” menu is a scheme of an in-model groups and components. Better translation in this case can be “Cтруктура модели” or “Иерархия компонентов” (components hierarchy).

Also, there is a lot of incorrect therms in russian translation, not so bad as “Обводка”, but looks stupid. For example, you translate “Tray” as “Лоток”. It’s correct if look only to a dictonary, but in everyday landuage “Лоток” is a therm for a box for cat litter.


We have asked that other kinds of objects get shown in the Outliner (hierarchal organizer,) such as Section Planes (which are difficult to control if they are hidden or associated with a layer that is switched off.)

So I think it best that it not be only tied specifically to components and groups. Think of it as allowing the hierarchal organization of various kinds objects.

Would “Организатор” (“Organizer”) be a better term for it in the Russian edition ?

:cat: That is funny.

The English word “Tray” was chosen by Microsoft a long time ago.
The meaning in English may be closer to the Russian: “Лоднос” ?

A tray is something that you put other things on (or in.)
In this case, we dock GUI control panels in the docking trays.

Or, what about the translation of “stacking frame” (ie, a frame of stacked panels) ?


I still don’t get the whole thing about localization. Often it required more knowledge in the original language to understand how on earth a certain term could occur in the translation than it would to just use the original version to start with.

“Организатор” in russian is a man who founds and manage a fun party or scientific conference. But we often use therm “Органайзер”, a loan translation of english term “Organizer”. Considering what you say about functional of Outliner, therm “Органайзер” would be the best choice.

Not a “Лоднос” but “Поднос” - a big plate on which people puts cups with tea or cakes when brings them from kitchen to dinner room. We never use straight translation of “Tray” in everyday usage of software.
In russian IT community appeared another new term “Трей” - another loan translation from english. Maybe “Трей” would be the best choice here, it’s easy to understand and means exactly what is “Tray”.


If the tray system is invented my Microsoft and implemented in the OS it should be fairly simple to just use whatever term they use.

It was. And somewhere a few years back I ran across a Microsoft technet page that had help for GUI terms used for localized software. Don’t know if I could find it now.

Here is a starting point:
Google Search,

But generally, I try to use the Bing translator for computer terms, rather than the Google translator. The Bing translator (formerly the Microsoft Translator,) seems to give better translations for geeky things.

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Thanks for the report Daniil – We’re definitely getting a kick out of the “litter box” translation, but it’s still pretty embarrassing. I apologize if the translation for “outline” caused you some frustration.

I will have the translations checked and reworked for the upcoming release.

Thanks again,

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