What a bad translation

Bad, bad, Translation error:
Tag => Etiqueta , (spanish) good,
Tag => Etichetta, (italian) good,
Tag => Balises , (french) … NO ! that word means beacon 90% of the time!!
Tag is Étiquette in french, like in any other latin language. Please SketchUp correct this, fast. It looks absolutely ridicule!!


(Disclaimer: I know nothing about French.)


Just because Google translates it that way and Trimble copies it, doesn’t mean those people are right.


@EstOuest, even your example shows Autres traductions:” being tags . I think we need to go back to the drawing board in France and ask around.
I don’t think Trimble is copying Google.

Yeah Neil, I had checked it.
What they show is wrong , probably the other 10% usage.

Wonder if it is the source of the mistake.

Sorry, but do you mean ridiculous?

Translations can be difficult. I know the SketchUp folks are open to translation corrections when they are brought to their attention.

This was brought to their attention quite a while ago.
And since I am doing extensions translations, this itches me every time Tags are involved.
I guess I got annoyed a little too much.
And worst, this misleads the french users quite a bit.
Every class, I have to repeat, -“Non ce ne sont pas des balises, ce sont des étiquettes” -
So I go at another try to have it corrected.

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I believe in French, balise has been commonly used as a translation for tag for a while in softwares, documents, internet, etc.
To me, etiquette would sound weird as I am used to it now. But it wouldn’t be if it had been the chosen word from the beginning :slight_smile:

If I think about it, it does that makes sense as a « balise » is originally a device emitting a signal for navigation, orientation, or for something to be found. Therefore it does make sense to me to use it for numeric classification an search, even if it is not used in french administration.
Also, to go further, you put a balise on a object so you can easily identify it in your 3d environment.!

It is indeed subtle, but I don’t find it ridiculous :wink:
However, I guess if from the beginning it had been etiquette instead of balise I wouldn’t have noticed… :smile:

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EXACTLY ! trampy

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There is hope.
The web app got it partially right.