Free trial not working

So, activated the 7 day free trial on my iPad, but the controls on the very first screen such as the button “Lets get started” to activate the tutorial, or even the close “x “ on the boxes do not work.

I tried rebooting but that did not fix the issue.

Any ideas?

i dont even manage to activate the free trial. just a spinning circle…

Yeah and support was a complete waste of time. I’m just cancelling the trial. The app UI doesn’t work on a new iPad Pro running 15.5, and so that tells me all i need to know.

I believe that you cancelled the auto renew of the subscription. The trial should continue to work for the next week.

If someone on the team thinks of a test that you could do, would you be willing to try it, even if you don’t end up getting a Go subscription yourself?

I am using the app on an M1 iPad, running iPad OS 16.0. It did work for me when I was on 15.x as well, though I’m not positive whether I had reached 15.5 before going to 16.0.

@MikeTadros any thoughts on the two comments in this topic?

Maybe your team should invest in a 12.5” iPad running the current iPadOS? Most users aren’t running beta software.

If your team needs a beta tester, I’d consider it for a license. I had been considering doing a series of YouTube videos replicating a film studio model replica I had created originally in 3DSMax to help others learn sketch up having some fun. The original model took 2 years to complete, and the data is now part of the artifact at the NASM.

Maybe in the future I guess.

The developers and product manager do have various iPads, most likely not on a beta like I am. There also have been hundreds of people trying the iPad app before it was released. Hopefully someone else has reported the problem before, and Mike will know what is going wrong.