iPad license validation.... Does it? And when?

Yesterday (maybe the day before) my SketchUp on my iPad just crapped out in the middle of me working. It went blank and for a moment and then into the login page where it forced me to log in again.

This happened once before, about a month earlier if I recall. The first time I thought it to be a fluke, but after having read a bunch of posts on the 28 day ping back to trimble for license validation, I’m wondering … Is that what it was?

If that’s indeed what happened, then I guess I also have a gripe. Albeit a different one.

I was in the middle of a long set of fiddly model detailing, freehand tool, etc. I’m also like Aaron… I’m terrible at saving. It’s technically my fault, but I lost more than a half hour’s worth of unique detail that wasn’t easy to recreate when the program just… Shut me out. I was so frustrated I just closed the iPad and walked away for the evening.

I have zero issues with pinging the server once a month. I will willingly do that.

Can there be a warning though? Or at least an auto-save before it jumps off a cliff?

Hi Dani,
I’m really sorry to hear that the app bugged out on you in that way, and I really appreciate you taking the time to report the issue here. What you experienced should not have happened. We’ll look into it straight away.

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I can repro this, but not the first time: our Authentication requires a renewal every 28 days… just like 3D Warehouse and other SketchUp properties do. The first time I expire my account while editing a file, it lets me close the file nicely, saves it then signs me out. If I do this again, it crashes and I lose my file - which normally isn’t so horrible because it shouldn’t happen twice in that short a period of time. The fact that you’re getting it makes me wonder if it’s somehow in that state where I could produce the crash.

Could you send me a forum Private Message with your email you use to sign in, and we’ll at least give you a workaround so this doesn’t happen again, and we’ll track down. Thanks for your help.


ps - I should state the workaround, if it isn’t obvious for all: sign out and back in before 28 days and it’ll reset your Auth token expiration date back to 28 days.

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This seems to be behaving better. If you can reproduce this, please post here or message me.


I have been asked to sign back in a few times (I seem to be too scatterbrained to remember to log out and in again before 28 days) but it hasn’t dumped me mid model since I made this thread. I haven’t had any issues.

I am also getting better at saving, which needed to happen :heart:

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