FredoLayport - New extension to view in Sketchup what you'll get in Layout - Looking for beta testers

FredoLayport is a new extension, not yet published.

The main idea is to show in Sketchup the rectangle that will enclose the scene vieport in a Layout (i.e. ‘Sketchup Model’).

Say, this is what you see in Layout for a given scene.

With FredoLayport, you can see the corresponding rectangular area in Sketchup (red rectangle, precisely called a Layport). This helps to better configure the cameras of scenes in Sketchup and avoid having to change the camera in Layout.

Fredo Layport also includes a command to center objects on the layport with some margins (green rectangle) as well as a Quick Print.

Here is a quick overview on FredoLayport.

As I am not myself a designer or an architect, I would appreciate if there would be some kind beta-testers interested in evaluating the extension and making comments and suggestions. Thanks in advance.


looks interesting - one thing to note: the scale setting in the scene, if it’s not set going into LO, then setting the LO model scale on the viewport will change things (not (?) in the 3D view but definitely in the 2D perspective). so the ability to set scale like 1:20 or 1’ = 1/4" etc would be immensely helpful in moving from SU to LO and keeping the views aligned.

@Fredo6 I agree with @glennmstanton . The most important parameter to control in LayOut is the printed scale of the drawing.
I have different pages in my Layout template with different scales in order to use the one which fits best with my model.

Layport to scale is possible. It just requires to set the page dimensions for printing.

I note however that Layout assumes there is only a SINGLE page format for the whole document (.e. all pages must for instance A4 Portrait, or A3 Landscape and you cannot mix page format in the same document).

I have integrated a Print to Scale function for scenes (when in Parallel projection).

So, you can assign a scale to each scene individually (you may not need a layport, but if you have one, you can center the 2D view in addition).

In the following model, I have 2 scenes of a cube of 1m size. I have assigned a scale of 1/10 for the first scene and 1/20 for the second scene. Here is the output in Layout.

HOWEVER, I noticed, at least on my own printers that the physical printout can be slightly smaller, because the printer would scale down a liitle bit and leave margins around the print area.

For instance, with my Laser printer Brother MFC-L3750, the print area is smaller by 1 cm in height and width (this seems to a physical settings, as I did not find an option to change that). For instance, the size of the cubes is only 9.7 cm when measured on the physical paper, where it should be 10cm.

On a regular Canon Inkjet, this is fine: the printer seems to use the whole page as the print area.

Is this an issue you encounter?

If so, I can easily add a paper correction factor by printer to rectify the scale-down of the print area versus paper page.

I ussually print in pdf file. However if I use my epson printer I have an option to avoid that problem

The check “Sin márgenes” means no margins and Expansion is set to max.

The warnign says…
The print quality in the upper and lower areas may decrease or the area may be smeared depending on the media type.
Selecting Min or Medium in the Expansion setting will reduce the image magnification. However, you will see a white border around the printed image.

You have the same problem with different softwares. Whith Revit you should take care of it too.

I would only be concerned if converting to pdf results in such an error. (My personal opinion…)

Here is a video illustrating how to specify a scale for 2D scenes (i.e. camera in parallel projection).

I have some packaging to do and will publish soon.

Great job @Fredo6 !!!

Fredo Layport is now published at Sketchucation.

There is an integrated help with some short videos to demonstrate all features.

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