Fredo6 JointPushPull v4.4e installation problem - PLEASE HELP!

Hi - just paid for the 8 bundle Fredo6 Extention on Sketchucation and tried to install the JointPushPull latest version and got this massage : “Errors were encountered : failed to install JointPushPull_v4.4e.rbz”
(needless to say that i also installed the latest LibFredo6_v12.8a before) - it was working untill latelly but all of a sudden the PlugIn wanted me to pay for lisence so I did and got the validation file and validated the plugin sucsessfuly. after a few minutes it stopped working for good and i cannot re-install it since then. I paid 40$ for this product and it is not working - anyone can help please ? i need it for my final project !

What is your situation now

  • Is JPP installed (do you have the icon toolbar)? If so, could you open the Ruby console before launching JPP
  • or are still struggling to install JPP?