Fredo Scale Box stretching does weird things to my model

Hello, I have big problems with Fredo Scale Box Stretch: I want to stretch this handle in length along the red axis. To do this, I have moved the reference grid to the left so that the bulge is not stretched with it. Now when I stretch the object along the red axis, strange wing-like bulges appear. But moving the reference grid is not the reason. I somehow managed to stretch the object correctly once by stretching the other, the right side, but even that I can’t repeat. What is Fredo Scale doing here? Can someone help me please? Thanks.

(macOS Big Sur, SK pro 2021, Fredo current versions)

the model:
2023.02.21 test.skp (796.1 KB)

Have you tried with native Scale tool (or even with Move)?

Hi, yes I did. But I had hoped that the possibility of moving the reference point in Fredo Scale Stretching would allow the shape to be stretched harmoniously and that so the relief on the top and bottom would not be stretched at the same time. After all, using the native scale would also increase the uniformly wide depressions in one direction and also distort the small hemispheres. Is it possible that the Fredo extension reaches its limits if the objects are not rectangular or that it has a bug here?

And if you still want to use Fredo Scale, you have to fix some problems with your model

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aha, interesting. The diagonals you cleaned up are not in the original. They were produced by the first run of Strechting itself. The original is clean - so I thought (and have looked into the model x times). But your suggestion with merge close vertices is probably indeed the solution. I didn’t know the tool, so I tried CleanUp3 and reduced edges. That seems to work too. Here is a shape with edges reduced by CleanUp and the copy without CleanUp (with elephant ears). Quite sensitive … thank you.

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