Fragmented lines after exporting to DXF

Is there a better way to create DXF files generated from SKP?
Cabinetry drawn mechanically specific. I select flat view, parallel view camera, export to DXF. The result looks great… except the exploded or collapsed lines becoming fragmented and compressed one on top of the other. Is there a better way to execute this? Or perhaps it needs to be solved in CAD?

I would set up scenes in SketchUp to show the model as required using Hidden Line and a white background. Then send to LayOut, set the scale if desired and render as vector. Then export the DXF from LayOut. That will get rid of the stacked lines and such.

Dave, Great! I will try that this week. I usually export right from Sketchup, not Layout. I am very familiar with Layout - setting scales. Is there an obvious way to render as vector, then export to DXF?

Pretty basic things.

Select the viewport and choose Vector in the dropdown in the SketchUp Model panel.


SuperDave!!! Thank you - This is monumental for me!!! Thank you for this.

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