[FR] Enable Profile Edges

It would be nice to either have control over Profiles or have default styles such as Hidden Line with Profiles on and set to 1. Otherwise with rounded objects, you get this sort of thing.


I think all the default styles should have profiles on, so people can always see the profiles of rounded objects. Personally, I prefer it set to 1, so it matches the line thickness of the other lines. The only time I find it useful to turn off profiles is with edges off too, so it looks more realistic. Maybe they could have an edgeless setting too…

I now find it very ugly with thick profiles but used to depend on it a lot for knowing what edges intersect and form faces and what edges are stray edges.

I think Free would benefit of having a drawing style with thick profiles, one with no profiles (for performance) and, as Dave suggests, one with profiles set to 1.

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