Different Edge Color and Sizes

Can someone tell my why in this picture some of the edges are a thin black line, some are thick black line, but especially what is the thick gray line? It’s not causing a major issue except that it still appears that way when I send it to layout and try to print

The thick edges are profile edges. Since the style you have chosen has them set to be thicker thannon-profile edges, they are heavier. The profile edges will be displayed around the perimeter of a face when there’s no adjoing face or when the adjoining face is not visible, or if the edges don’t close a loop on a face. You can make the edges look like non-profile edges by editing the style and setting the profiles to 1 or turning off Profiles.

Examples with a cylinder.

Profiles set to 2. This is common in many of the default styles.

Profiles set to 1.

Profiles turned off.

Profiles off makes the style faster but can create issues with rounded surfaces as shown here when using the Hidden Line face style.

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Profiles are edges that bound an object or shape.
If you are seeing profiles within a ‘drawing’ then they are not cutting through the face.
Sketchup is a 3d modelling program and it uses profiles when need to highlight those edges.
Using a photo of the screen rather than a screenshot suggests you may need to address both the fundamentals of sketchup and your operating system.

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SketchUp has three types of “lines”: Edges, profiles and section cut edges. How they look like are determined by your style settings.