Edges not going away in 2017



I created my own style for the client that only shows the outer edges (profiles) with a really thin line (set to 1). In 2017 I can’t get the edges to go away! Its supper annoying! Anyone else having this issue?



Are you using multiple monitors? Also what resolution are your displays?


You should attach the .skp file. This will allow other users to see the issue you described and to better offer potential remedies.


Two monitors 1920x1200 and 1920x108


Probably not allowed to post the actual file since its for a client and its almost 100mb


Also the edges (diagonals) go away if I push the profiles up to 2


I seem to remember reading here of a bug in SU 2017 where the edges wouldn’t disappear if profile thickness is less than 2.

You may be seeing that.

It may get fixed in a maintenance release.

I get that effect myself even in a simple model - edges off, profile 1, edges visible; edges off, profile 2, edges hidden.




Yep, it is a known bug.