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Just wondering - did Trimble keep all the original logins from @Last days? I’m pretty sure of my original login details but when I try them, the response is “That email address doesn’t exist”.
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I would highly doubt they kept them. There’s been several forum platforms since they @Last days.

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Dave is correct. The accounts and logins did not transition over when we moved from @Last to Google … and Google to Trimble.

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The very first SketchUp forum had no logins at all, we’ve since then moved around a lot… and only one time had an option for preserve logins. We started as Phorum BBS, then PHPBB, then Google Groups, then new Google Groups and finally to Discourse. We definitely no longer have any previous logins, they’re all tied to Discourse though they could be linked to your Google account and are definitely linked to your Trimble ID at this point.