QA glitches: step testing the login instructions

The instructions for logging in are a bit confusing. You say to login in with the specific email in the letter, but if I use that email as the login name, I don’t have a password. I have to first choose Login with Google (where there is no hint that will later be supplying the password, it could be using my current login) and then I get to pick the email account that’s in your letter.

Similar, but enough different to be confusing. This is the kind of thing that happens when people write down instructions from memory and don’t go through and check them step by step. (As I know too well from doing it myself.)

Looking amazing so far!


I have a similar conundrum.
The email address of note is not the right one for P11 or my trimble login, so one isn’t right and the other isn’t allowed.
Oh well, one day I guess my email address will float to the top of the waitlist.

I still can’t get in as well, and haven’t received the invite…

@Ross had to intervene to sort out my P11/Trimble Connect login, but that was all done, and working…


Thanks for reporting this guys.

I agree that it’s confusing. If you use a Google account to sign up, then you need to click on the “Sign in with Google” button on

If you’ve never signed into SketchUp products using the email you signed up with, then you need to click “Create New Trimble ID” on the login screen.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a way to automatically create an account for you when you sign up.

I agree. I finally just created a new account, and then logged in with it.
Oddly, this is different from my Forum access.

*Q: Does a new my.SketchUp account also work to log in to the forum? It should, I think.

OK, I can directly log in to Trimble Connect using the my.SketchUp credentials via
That is good.

Trimble may want to notify via their “welcome” email what the account is able to access, and give links.

*Q: For instance, do I also now have a new 3D Warehouse account with this login?