Trimble and SketchUp

I’m a little confused about the many different communities that exist… I use one identity to log into the SketchUp Community, and another to log into Trimble accounts…
Is there a way to unify this identification into a single account?!

This is a users forum. It’s totally different from Trimble Account.
You must have two different login settings.

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well technically, if you create your trimble account (global for all trimble products, including you can then use it to register and login to the forum. that’s the big red button

But I’m pretty sure if you’ve already created a forum account, you’re stuck with the two.

love the old school logo :slight_smile:

edit - although, I’m pretty sur an admin might be able to merge two accounts. You should check how Discourse works (the tool behind the forum) then eventually try to grease the paws of on admin :stuck_out_tongue:


It is entirely possible to have the same login for the forum and for trimble and both warehouses. But be aware that the forum is separate from Trimble and your subscription/trimble login, so being signed into one doesn’t mean you are signed into the other.


The sign in option “with SketchUp” would let you use the Trimble ID way of signing in with your usual Trimble ID way. In that sign in screen there is an option to Sign in with Apple, which if you did use that way for signing into Trimble, you would need to do the same now. At least if you had used the option to hide your email address.

The email you use in the forum is not a Trimble ID, which is what makes me think you may have chosen to hide your email from Trimble.

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With a Trimble account I have a @trimble address?! That’s right?

Ok. I understand the differences well…
Now I just don’t know how to connect to the Forum using the “with SketchUp” button… This option doesn’t appear for me…

And where is this “button” located? typically to get to the forum I use a saved favorite

well first you need to log out

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and then if you click on log in it’s on the right. at least for me.

But yeah, I’m always logged in by default, like RLGL it’s in the fav bar :slight_smile:

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I found a tip right here on the Forum… On the homepage about the topics, the first one is Introduce Yourself; look:

Here you can see instructions on how to access or create a Trimble account from your SketchUp account…

Thank you for your attention

No, it would be the email address you used when you signed up for anything to do with Trimble.

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Yes yes, I understood… I just wanted to say that I found the shortcut to access both accounts quickly…