Trouble Logging On

I somehow managed to get an account and it seemed to do everything automatically as it downloaded the app. Yet, later, I could not find the page to log back on. All it would do is either reload the app or tell me my password, that I already changed is bad.

  1. Is there a separate password for the forum and the actual web based tool?

  2. What is the actual login page?

  3. How do I get to my work from the forum?


They are completely independent passwords and logins.

I’m confused by your wording that you ‘downloaded the app’.

Your topic is posted in the Sketchup Free category, which runs in your browser. To login in to that, go to, and login there with the email and password you used to register a Trimble account.

On the other hand, if you did indeed download Sketchup for desktop, start that program. Assuming it was the latest Pro version trial, you log in via the icon top right of the main Sketchup window, which looks like this: image.

Login by clicking on it and choose Sign In.

Then enter your sign in email and password. When you have successfully signed in the icon changes to show a green tick, like this: image

There’s no connection between the two. Log in either to the Web app, or from the Desktop program, as I described above.

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This forum and the web-based SketchUp are completely independent.

Note: that will take you to a Trimble account login page. You must have a (free) Trimble account to use the web app.

Download the file from the web app to your computer by clicking the “hamburger menu” (three parallel lines) at upper left in the app and then choosing “download”. Then upload the skp file from your computer to here either by dragging it onto a forum reply window or using the upload icon (8’th from left in the top menu of the reply window). There is no direct path from the web app to this forum.

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Thanks. I use SimScale and Onshape which are both web based programs that have the user forums built into the website so you can imagine my confusion here.

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