Forum badges for 3D Basecamp 2018


3D Basecamp 2018??! Oh yeah…I’ve been there!..I’ve done that!!.. I Got the T-shirt!!!..Oh yeah… and the Dry bag full of swag which includes socks (for a very special occasion) and…wait for it…THE Stick of Knowledge!!!(Thunder in the background)… Yeah I’ve been there!!!

Side note- I still don’t know what’s on… THE Stick of Knowledge!!!(Thunder in the background).… .

I stick THE Stick into my Windows 10 USB slot and I’m prompted to format the disk before I can use it, then promptly reminded that if I format it I’ll lose all data. I’m kind of stuck. It’s still a pretty cool erasure though.

Does anyone know how can a go about getting a replacement?



On the last day, on the way to the pool, people called me the “swag man”. Only my feet were left not turquoise.

The magic stick makes my laptop visually spit fire. It contains folders with additional material: .skp files and required .rbz extensions from the bootcamp educators, presentations and example files from some presenters and SketchUp installers (ca. 6.7GB). It’s FAT32-formatted, which Windows should recognize.

Is it recognized by another computer (or OS)? If the file system is corrupted, you could maybe run a file system check&repair on it; if not it could be that you got a bad one (maybe no data written to it?).


We had a few corrupted USBs so it’s possible that you received one of those. I’m going to add the contents of the SOK to Dropbox and will share the link with you here when that’s ready.


I’ve tried it in (3) different computers. (2) Win10, (1) Win7. No luck. I’ve got a feeling its broken. Thanks for the input Aerilius.

Thanks Caroline, I want to experience the fire saliva Aerilius speaks of.


I wasn’t, but my 3d model was there :joy:


Yes I did!


I was there Thursday and Friday and caught the tail end of Wednesday, unfortunately missed Grant’s speech.

Last minute decision, so I had to drive from the Olympic peninsula (1,200) miles, next time I’ll fly.


Matheron was there. Badge me please.

Concurring with @eneroth3. You would save days of manual drudgery by making a simple script checking a list of 3D Basecamp 2018 attendee names off the Discourse forum user name database:


Not only was I there, I feel in many ways, I still am! :sunglasses:


There are rumors that I was there, as I’m not home yet there must be some truth in them.


I believe I saw a fata morgana in the desert when I looked back into the Coachella valley.


I was happily there :slight_smile:


I went, had fun, came home, still having fun!


I’ve added the SOK contents to this Google Drive folder:

Let me know if you have any issues accessing it.


I did.


Caroline. I was able to access all of the content. There’s alot. Thanks much!


I was in attendance for the entire week.


I was there, but I am not all there.


I finally made it home Andrew, I’ll have to remember to send you that email now.


All people from down under?
1 ) ?
2 ) I do recognize him, for I helped him on track in the Knowledge Cafe, being able to pointing him in the right direction to get his laptop working again (graphics card problems). I unfortunately don’t remember his name though. (Australia)
3 and 4) Andrew and his daughter. (Australia)

(Wo3Dan speaking / thanks for sharing)