Forum badges for 3D Basecamp 2018


Missed it this year… maybe I’ll make it in 2020…



That was your stunt double?


Stickman with an Aaron costume?


That explains it!


Yes, I was just trying to get a head start so that people knew it was coming :slight_smile:


I want a Basecamp badge! :medal_military:


A well, you know what they say about Arnold Schwarzenegger:

‘He does all the stuntwork by himself, but the acting is done by stuntmen…’


I do believe I was there. The 1190 miles I put on my car would seem to confirm that, along with a bunch of other things. Actually @Caroline, I distinctly remember meeting you when I registered late Sunday afternoon!

But it was hot. And the AC was cool. And the thermal shock going between the two might have wreaked havoc with my memory. It could all have been a dream.


Yes, I showed up and so did @jvleearchitects!:smiley:
We (I) enjoyed every minute of this past week.


Thanks Caroline. Great Bootcamp/Basecamp this biannual. :sunglasses:


Uh, I think you could testify that I was there, so I’d have to say, yes.

Boy, that last 24 hours was some experience I’ll never forget. I think perhaps that saga needs to be told for everyone’s amusement. It does involve the SU community and the conference app.


Was there and had a blast!


Hey Steven,

It was great to finally meet you and I want to thank you for being so instrumental in getting our Sunday evening dinner plans to fall into place.

This was particularly significant for me because I was unable to attend the dinner for sages on the following night.


I was present at the 3DBasecamp the whole week.
It was a fantastic congress!


I was also present!
Grant had a fantastic speech :slight_smile:


I was there.


I was SO there.


It was fun to collect badges on the name badge :badger: :badger: :badger:
Next time there could be a badge for all "forum user"s.


I was so there.


I was there! And it was amazing!