Forum badges for 3D Basecamp 2018


HI mate, send me the details you want the log in for. :slight_smile: that is one big trip on a plane, I look forward to Basecamp Australia


Me too!


Would anything on those USB’s be available to anyone who did not attend?
hint hint


Maybe this from above in the thread:


Yes, just after I typed a reply, I read the next comment in the thread to the Google Drive link.

Thank you!


It was great meeting you and all the other Aussies who braved the long trip to the US. I enjoyed the late-night conversations, light-hearted ribbing about Texas, cultural enlightenment (Drop Bears), insight into extensions development, and encouragement to move forward with my goal to learn Ruby. Not bad for one week at Basecamp 2018. You’ve got a lovely daughter, some crazy friends, and I look forward to seeing all of you again in two years (hopefully).


Sure wish I could have been there. A real missed opportunity.


Next time!


I was there and enjoyed every minute!


Yeh, good times. B)


On the left is Drew Povey, then we have Garry Jones, Architect friend from Sydney, on the right is my daughter Emily. We all had a great time in Palm Springs and the rest of the East coast. Thanks Sketchup and America for putting on a great event, and for all of the friendly hospitality and kindness. We look forward to sponsoring the next Basecamp in Canada.


@AndrewRubySketch, thank you for your response. We met briefly in the hotel lobby, I think the second day of the event. I think Rich (SketchUcation) was with you, and of course your daugther.
( b.t.w. Wo3Dan and g.h.hubers are the same person ), in case you wonder.


Ok, so it was Drew Povey that I met. He gave me a quick demo.


What did you think? Any constructive crit I can take on board to help improve?


Wo3dan, AKA g.h.hubers, I remember, although heavily jet lagged, and yes I was with Rich from SketchUcation, we have known each other for some time, through Basecamps etc. I do not get the chance to comment on the forums as much as I would like, 4 kids and full time work gets in the way sometimes, but it was great to meet you all and put a forum name/s to a face.
I did miss Pete Stoppel (Solo) this year ,we always have a blast.


I need to see more. Every minute of 3D Basecamp was overbooked, so the demo ended up being cut short to run off to the next thing with the thought, “I’ll have to see more later.” Now what?


Yes, I know Rich and Pete from 3D Base Camp 2010 in Boulder.


Yes, I hear you, Basecamp was hectic, too much goodness in too little time.
I know we had a lot of people buy PlusSpec and that Drew was doing a Webinar with them to get them started, I could see if he can get you a seat or do a demo online?
I know I shouldn’t say this, yet, PlusSpec is expensive in comparison to every other Plugin (but worth it) and it is subscription. It is really only for the full time architect or builder to increase work flow efficiency or to collaborate design combined with structure and a bill of quantities.
I will get Drew to Chime in shortly.


Hey RTCool,

I’d be happy start where we left off in an online demo. Click HERE to book one in for a day and time that suits you.

Online demos are open to anyone by the way - so if you’re reading this and you haven’t seen the power and massive value adds that PlusSpec gives businesses (no matter if you are focused on design, construction or estimating), book a demo and see it for yourself!


I was at Basecamp