Formato de archivo inesperado sketchup

NO ME PERMITE ABRIR UN ARCHIVO ME SALE formato de archivo inesperado sketchup

Sube el archivo aquí. Si es demasiado grande, deberá publicarlo en un archivo compartido, como Dropbox.
Complete su perfil, ¿está usando una Mac o Windows? ¿has probado la copia de seguridad del archivo?

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Hola, a mi me pasa igual el link es:

Por favor necesito ayuda @colin @endlessfix

I downloaded the file and tried to recover something. I do have a file that is as big as the original, but still there is nothing in the scene. There are a lot of components, and hopefully some of those include large chunks of the model, which would make it quicker to rebuild the scene.

My Internet upload speed is slow for now. It is still another 40 minutes before the file is uploaded. I will come back later and add the link.

It is uploaded now, here’s the link:

I already opened the file and there is nothing. Its odd is that the component labels appear and the file is very large even if there is nothing. Thank you anyway for your help.

I think you misunderstood Colin’s reply. The components are in the In Model components collection but the model space is empty. You’ll have to drag the components back out to rebuild and populate the model space.

This shows only a few of those components in the model.

Ahh ok… I understand now why it is so heavy. Buy even that, I will have to start from scratch the design. Thanks anyway.

Well, you should be able to drag the components out into the model space instead of having to recreate them or get them from the 3DWH.

As you are going through rebuilding your model make sure you are keeping the model clean. Examine components you are going to add into the model and strip them of unneeded detail before putting them in to keep them lightweight. Purge unused components and materials. Use tags correctly, and use incremental Save as… steps to save your file so it things do go pear-shaped you only have to go back to a previous version that you saved.

Ayuda por favor. Debo entregar el proyecto a mi cliente y ni el archivo ni la copia de seguridad ni las versiones anteriores me funcionan!!! Estoy desesperado…
Este es el link de descarga, por favor ayuda!!!

Here is my attempt to recover the file. As with other cases the scene is empty, but the components tray has all of the components in the model.

Tengo el mismo problema, el archivo dice “formato invalido” y estaba trabajando perfectamente con el, no le hice ninguna modificación, ahora el cliente necesita unos ajustes minimos y no quiero volver a hacer el archivo desde 0, ayuda pleaseee

I can’t recover the file, I will ask a developer to take a look.

Meanwhile, see if you have a backup file, which would be in the same folder, with the same name, but the extension would be .skb and not .skp. Rename that file and make its extensions be .skp, and see if it opens.

si, tengo el backup, pero lo he renombrado y aparece el mismo error

The developer also was not able to recover the file.

hola tengo el mismo problema, necesito su ayuda urgente por favor.

I could only recover components and tags and materials. The scene is empty, you would need to rebuild it from the components panel.

Hi there, I got the same problem, I need your help as soon as possible. Thank you in advance
Please help @colin @endlessfix

unexpected file format

file link:

Please help @colin @endlessfix

I only recovered the components and materials. The scene will appear to be empty.

necesito ayuda con un problema igual me urge ya que es un modelo que estoy haciendo y no quiero perder el avance
el mensaje es " el archivo no parece ser un modelo "