Formato de archivo inesperado sketchup

The beginning of the file is filled with the word ‘page’ repeated, and also a lot of zeros. There isn’t anything in the file to suggest that it’s a SketchUp file. At the very least, something in your damaged the first part of the file.

You should look in the same folder for a file with the same name, but that ends with .skb instead of .skp. That would be the backup file, and hopefully it’s ok. Rename that file and change the extension to .skp, then see if it opens ok.

Ayudaa me pasa lo mismo
Link: es 3 - Google Drive

can you help me? Abril 2019.skp - Google Drive

Hi, please help me :slight_smile:

I could not recover much, only the materials and components. This file will show an empty scene, so look in the Components and Materials trays to see if there is anything of use.

última Versión_recovered.skp (2.2 MB)


Hi… please help me

Hello! @colins can you try to recover my file? please it is very important

buenos días, te adjunto el archivo por si me puedes apoyar ya que me aparece la misma falla de formato inesperado

I can only recover the materials and a few components. May not be worth sending you the file that I have.

You have a lot of very big textures in the file. That may not have caused the problem, but it makes the file more demanding.

Could you send me what you were able to recover, to see if I can save something from the file?

Transfer - Dropbox te comparto el archivo de copia de seguridad para ver si con este se logra recuperar por favor