Format Paint Brush?


I’m trying to find a way to color/format match my existing 10" duct built with parts i have pre-made to the section i used follow me to complete (see picture below)

I am thinking / hoping that there would be a Format Painter tool like you would find in Word or Excel?


Because neither the dark Gray 90 degree turn or any other part of the model has had any color or texture applied to it, there is nothing for the Alt+ paint bucket to grab (handy trick I will definitely use in the future though.)

There is no formatting applied to anything in the model SketchUp just made that section darker gray and I cant do anything about it

Thanks for the help thought


It seems as if you have some revered faces in 90 degrees part (blue), it is better to reverse that face first , before applying colors or textures on them. Edit that part, right click on the blue face and choose ; reverse faces. Without seeing the .skp file, we are likely guessing, but you should have made the parts as components (for future use and in current file ), so when you are changing one of them, all copies of that part receives the same treatment or change.
If you have made them components, open one for editing (double click) choose the paint-bucket tool and check for ‘in model’ colors (little house icon in the material tray, pick the color of the parts which are already painted or, if you’re not sure which color that is, press Alt to pick the color on the part which has the right color. ( apply on the face of the part which you are editing )
So the color picker is a kind of a ‘Format’ tool…


Before you apply any colors or materials, you need to fix the “dark gray” faces. Those faces are reversed. Select them, right click and choose Reverse Faces. After that you can apply color or material to the pipe sections.


Another thought, before you go too much further.

Are these parts for use in a much larger model? If so, you have an awful lot of segments per circle - I guess at least the default 24. That will generate a large edge count, very quickly, if you use many copies of these components.

I’ve just dropped 3 million edges in one (large) model by replacing window handles in an imported 3D warehouse component, similarly drawn with 24 segment circles, by redrawing them to 8 segment circles, and there were only a few hundred windows in the model.

Depending on how closely you need to look at these components if in a larger model, you can usually do very well with fewer or many fewer than the default number of circle segments. Keep it a multiple of four, though, so you always get quadrant points on axis.


Thanks everyone “Reverse Faces” did the trick.

Joh_Mcclenhan - Thanks for the tip. I will keep that in mind for future models. this model is pretty much complete. The 10" duct work actually exists and I have been tasked with running the 4" PVC, so the primary purpose was to see how it would all fit, and the secondary purpose (as always) Impress the boss with a nice illustration.


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