Fonts Messed Up

I have just built a new PC and reinstalled SU 2018 and I thought all was well… But I have noticed that the text in my “Export STL” tool is too wide of the window and its ugly (I don’t think it was like this when I did the build). The only difference from my old PC is that I am now on Win10 and was Win7 before.

So today I setout to try to fix it and wondered if there was an update in the store… But when I opened the Extension Warehouse I notice that the font there didn’t look right either.

You can see the Export STL window in this picture and the Warehouse behind it, where the font goes behind the icons.

Anyone got any thoughts as to what happened here… Its beyond minor, but its annoying me and I would like to fix it.


Looks to me like an issue with display scaling. To what do you have display scaling set? Try something less than 150%.

You mean in Windows? My Scaling is 100%


What about in the graphics card’s control panel?

Nope… All scaling options switched off or at 100%.

You are certainly onto something… In the Windows control panel if I use the “Make Text Bigger” and wind it up to 150% the problem gets worse.


But at 100% its still not right…

multi-screen system?
Chrome Browser installed and if yes, default magnification level more than 100% configured (see advanced settings)?

Does pressing the Ctrl key plus rotating the mouse wheel change the zoom scale?

Multi-Screen - Yes…

Chrome installed (not by choice) - Yes

Went under settings and can’t find anything under advanced, but page zoom is 100%

And CTL+Mouse does change zoom (in all apps) but it doesn’t address the oversized fonts in the “Export STL” plugin.