Followme not seeming to follow sections, model size conversion

There are MANY balconies (for outdoor venues etc) they all need to get the same treatment
I know it will take heck of a time
but I have to master this ONE balustrade first to know what are the mistakes I make
It’s a vertical shopping mall and entertainment concept.

I am a Fashion and Interior Designer by trade for 30 years
used to do all by hand, but have built large homes RSA with a structural engineer for 10 years

Here in Vancouver I do Interiors & Reno and set and costume design for movies
and other types of Design such as graphics,
but 3D is what really makes me relax and happy (beside the problems encountered)

If you not mind here is an example of a home I am doing in the moment
this are the preliminary

house PROJECTwithMEASURESstairONEtwolandingONEslopeKITCHEN.skp (658.3 KB)
0_newMEASURES_BALUSTRADEwithLEDlampion-modifiedSU8-2corrtionINprogress_B.skp (623.3 KB)
I have this with trees and all but the file does not upload I think 19MB is to big of a model
here is the screen shot

I do enjoy SU very much!
But having to do so many other things
I can’t spend all day on it every day as the real work gets in the way.
Off to bed now…thanks you all for your kind help

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I think I have corrected the balustrade and lampion supports
(trying to upload this file for 30min) it keeps on telling me there was an error try again
I must admit I battle when sometimes I add one line and it creates like a second layer
that I only discover when I try to apply material and then have to delete and delete till I find
the original layer.
I recreated the tubular lampion in “water drop shape” to limit dust & dirt clinging to the top
and used “follow me” tool two times to add a simulated LED center light source.

Next hurdle how to put this into the whole model
and then apply to the other balconies
as the curves are not similar
My plan is to save each vertical LED wing (that’s what I call them right now)
so I can import them to the the other balconies
I guess I have to custom remodel on each (good exercise to stay precise you will tell me )

I finally managed to upload the corrected balcony in the next post don`t know how to move it into the same post.

PS: no one said a word on whole building so I removed it again only left the private house project that I just put there to show how far I am trying to get in making SketchUP models

I still have difficulty to find my own post in the forum and don’t know what button where to click
to find my posting right away on top next my face icon it says 2 in green that calls up a whole line
of postings. Is there a way to get to one own postings only right away?

Thank you.

0_NEWsave_Corrected_Ballustrade_with_Drop_shaped_tubular_lampion_and_LED_center_strip_C.skp (944.5 KB)

Finally managed to upload it changing name and directory Thank you.

Sorry as I haven’t heard anything back
Maybe I have to reply to each person who has advised me in person.
Have you seen I have managed the new lampion in water drop shape
even with one follow me LED inside
there are some mistakes in the structure supporting
that I have de and re constructed.
Still don’t understand when I create a face and
one more layer re creates itself over the existing one
Why does that happen, may I ask? Thank you
I did upload the entire building concept but as
no one said a word I thought maybe it was
seen as wrong …I don’t know …
I wanted to show what I can do and how I go about it for critique.

Sorry as I haven’t heard anything back
Maybe I have to reply to each person who has advised me in person.
Have you seen I have managed the new lampion in water drop shape
even with one follow me LED inside
there are some mistakes in the structure supporting
that I have de and re constructed.
Still don’t understand when I create a face and
one more layer re creates itself over the existing one
Why does that happen, may I ask? Thank you
I did upload the entire building concept but as
no one said a word I thought maybe it was
seen as wrong …I don’t know …
I wanted to show what I can do and how I go about it for critique.
Thank you very much

people get busy, no need to repeat post…

we all see them all…


You were given some very specific suggestion and to get to full model is going to take some time. Posting pics does not help much, why spending your time on the minutiae of the lampion at this time seems a waste to me while the “normal view” will not be up that close. The layer and face issue I have zero sense what it is with out model as it was noted a above=> probably model error by you with near coplanar or collinear lines,
Repeating : Make max use of components, layer to control visibility and use outliner to help with navigation around the model and scenes perhaps

Thank you have to find out what is “outliner”

IMHO if you do not know you should spend some time watching the video tutorials available to you.
I think the issues you face with faces is related to how you are adding material. You can do that while in the edit context or outside of it.
Here is a link that explains it very well and the model you posted some time ago, the only complete one I could find. It still needs some work. If you double click on the top level of the model in that you will see what I mean.
Use parallel projection and top view and you can see some of the warts in the model. Are those acceptable for the submittal you want to do or is priority to work on the lampion.[BALUSTRADEneonCURVEproblem4forum_8.skp|attachment](upload://8Hf45oOIBAiz2234qlBdsWSA9hs.skp) (1.7 MB).
Have appointment will get back later to day

Please re-post that whole building model.
There are some question I have about the results I am seeing. I have concluded there are " small" model issues giving the empression face formed Ok but when zoom for close look actually have two double edges with small gaps errors and have not found any manpower efficient approach to fix them and doing manually will take too much time. The questions are: IE Seeing many cases where vertieces are close but not properly connected and are not coplanar nor collinear so plugins do not fix; Seeing strange results when using layers for visibility control and enitity info does not report face materials use as I it should :confused:

Victor, no need for model.
The gaps can be seen if you obit and look close to parallel to face, however if you control back faces colors to blend in think it will not noticeable enough to require correcting, see attached " Better is determent to good ennough".
Keep entity info pane open and when you select a face it will show the fron and back face colors which you can edit and make that happen. Ref TIG’s tutorial in REF above.
Have some ideas on how to easily make changes for the various balconies, but need to try firstBALUSTRADEneonCURVEproblem4forum_8_macB (2).zip (1.1 MB)

Thank you for your reply.
I can’t open your model it’s in the newer version of SU.
I work on a PC Win 7 ultimate with 4GB of Ram AMD motherboard (age ±4 years)
BUT my C drive with all the programs is very full and I need a bigger one meaning head aches
reinstalling everything.

I just removed the old balcony piece by piece as I when I restarted it I copy pasted it out BUT
forgot to delete on the original model
Now I am very concerned to replace with the new corrected on (and the new drop shaped lampion)
So I have not put it in yet
1/ When I zoom into (say a window) when I use my roller on the mouse or the + sign
either I go not close enough or suddenly I jump beyond the point I want to see
when I try to go backwards I am to far again …its like a time game and often I cant get to see the intersection VERY close
and clear unless I rotate from many angles and try again and again.
2/ As someone suggested ( I DO watch tutorials, from time to time when I try to solve something alone before coming here on the Forum, but problem is when one searches without the right words to explain the problems to find the right
answer can become problematic and often no fix is found…
3/ I left the current mistake in the big models (that I know of)
I can’t seem to fix (on the north side) some glass panes are missing.
At times I remove some when I draw a line by accident across the building and see it only way beyond reasonable
undo steps and can’t remove it unless I go beyond the glass)
But when, like this example, I want to close it up again the glass pane even I see the green dot does not link to the vertical line ( so is my original line not vertical ? or what am I doing wrong?
4/ I don’t know if and how I can use layers in this free SU 8 version ( I am quite good at Adobe PS)
5/ I thought I recalled reading there was a way to tell/ask SU to correct small mistakes?
6/On the right side right from the H pad the center the circle isn’t a circle and I don’t know how to correct that because the whole concept is based on a spiral I drew with curves in SU.

7/ 0_NEW_building_base_without_the_blacony.skp (2.2 MB)0_NEW_building_base_WITH_the_balcony_one_pane_under_missing.skp (2.1 MB)
PS: Sorry for the concern over model privacy one sits month over a concept and then finally draws it and then here in the Forum it just like public before finished.

Adding tubes; to other balconies:

  1. Make the tube support a component, you can use one design for all. You can move ( rotate and translate ), copy, scale so the basic design remains the same. Components isolate geometry so the will not stick to others parts of your model, you can assign them to layers and turn them on / off while working on other parts of you model.
  2. The support component you to can make multiple copies and locate via radial and linear arrays. See attach for that and you can also replace one component for another on from the component browser. Way I made chagne herein ;
  3. There is a plugin called shape bender you can use to fit the tube to the different balcony designs so drawing effort is much reduced. I would recommend you stay away from of edges since they are different dimensions and can give one some issues=> just use end points if at all possible;
  4. Though I had save that model as SU 8 will do that later this PM. You should check upgrading to SU 2015, there is 30 day free 2015 pro trial and then it reverts back to the free make version.
  5. You should post new question ref how to best protect you efforts. I am sure many worry about that. You can send e mail but then that limits the number of very skilled modelers able to give you comments. Do not think you have to worry about this case.LEDlampion_MAC_C_Support 110615-1528_SU8.skp (207.2 KB)
At the right top of page in this forum are several buttons with links to many tutorials, quick search of the YouTube one shows the link above plus many more. Some nav. functions are some what adaptive meaning they move fast it your etc. You have the zoom to window in the tool bars also.

Over time I have filed answers , manuals etc, how to etc. Keep amount of vrebage short and to point long, winded search’s have problems. The search above was done with navigation. With the net it seems almost any question has and answer if one what’s to look. Firefox has a neat program called Zotero good for research;

That is the direct result of double lines etc I posted about above. Your model is full of that type of error, Having to correct them all would take forever. You can draw diagnonal lines vertex to vertex and since triangle is by definition planar you can deduce where error is. I will some time delete a line but find another near by and what is happening the program has to have some tolerance on what it snaps to and it will select wrong point. From you post I am guessing the model was obtained form warehouse or some cad output. While you read make sure to spend time on the Su inference engine, its not perfect, but can help if you pay attention. Fix problems as you go or you get to point model is non-fixable

I suggested you use

Go to windows , model info, statistics ans there is a screen to fix problems but like any program they have to be programed and usually the tolerance that must be used does not solve your problem. Many plugins are written to help, go to extension ware house and reda read what they have .

both layers, components and out liner above but you have elected to not do that ??

Hello and thank you so very much for your detailed reply.
I just installed ZOTERO
(I think I picked the basic one, as there was a whole list of add options
it opens on the right side of Firefox, neat! Thanks

Went to the "Model>info>fix
It said “no errors” (I guess it is as you said if not programmed it won’t help)
Before proceeding
I am inclined to RE start from scratch and keep all the materials away
and work slower and concentrate more on the start
I must admit (creative and somewhat a little ADHD inclined individuals like myself get carried away
when we something finally we like we rush ahead forgetting the problems that will arise later)

I will take time in the next days free time to apply myself to this

The model is 100% mine and was not downloaded from the warehouse or other CAD
started from scratch as per attachment
it was all done with initial push and pull all in a small size and then changing it to real size
when shown how to do that in the forum in my thread

(Funny thing it I explored your directions Window model credits (that I did not know even know about before)
and got info on each of my different model stages, with credit names such as Susan, Steve etc which is not me at all
(are these maybe forum members who helped me with them?

la0_0_one_BABEL_bASE.skp (460.5 KB)

Will look into the UP grade but know will feel frustrated after 30days downgrading again :-
Maybe one day they’ll make a monthly payment option :slight_smile: like Adobe cloud?

0_0_one_BABEL_bASE_reverse_push&pull_s.skp (527.7 KB)0_0_one_BABEL_bASE_reverse_push&pull_B.skp (521.4 KB)

I worked the model down again
I guess all my problems lie there
I increased the size now to real size at ground level and
I see that the square I made the spiral inside wasn’t a square from start
will attempt to start from scratch0_0_one_BABEL_bASE_reverse_push&pull_B_01flatSpiralstart.skp (159.8 KB)
I managed to do do the original spiral now in a real square
(trying to keep this first balcony the same a my lampion model

But I see as soon as I add other curves that the curves/spirals get corners that are tangent
I guess I have to find another slower and different way to get to near the same
all the rest I don’t mind it being different as long as it keeps the general look

Do not remember saying any thing about that , but those are people names of the figures you have in your model. BTW one of which you have on the roof in the last one you posted. Go to material browser and can delete them if you want

[quote=“vstapelbsa, post:35, topic:16813”]
Will look into the UP grade but know will feel frustrated after 30days downgrading again :-Maybe one day they’ll make a monthly payment option :smile: like Adobe cloud
[/quote]. From my view point the free version will go give you all the capability you need at present. If later you need pro you will have to upgrade . Either way pro version will require license expect for that free trial evaluation use.

I see you have already uncovered some nascent reasons for many your previous problems. You need to clean up the 2 d model because when you extrude problems there get carried over and looking closely at 3d model you can see some. Those need to be fixed early on plus some way some faces ( many) are reversed. Those also need to be fixed as you go especially if you plan to render this at some time?
I have a number of other comments but late so will wait for tomorrow, nothing big .
In mean time question is can the separate extrusions be made components so you would then have the capability to work on one level at a time. It would also help with the lampion support if it is possible to get the vertices to line up at each balcony to avoid the issue you had early of it intersecting with the support rails or maybe evenly spaced? The spacing my affect how to bend the lampion? That can be done, work for tomorrow? There are many coplanar edges as result of extrusion which need removal before you do that step, another big source of previous errors.There is a plugin in allowing to do that on bulk basis and I’ll show you tomorrow what that will look like, but it require you to redraw the curves avoiding that problem.

BTW a pet peeve of mine=> there are no tangents in SU from the classical definition of what that means unless you want to talk two lines??

Hi. Thank you just getting up Sunday things to do will do my best to remedy along your advice. Thank you so much.

“Tagents” Yes naturally I was wrong! What I meant to explain was two curves ends joining smoothly into each other, instead of the current bump I have at the position where they touch the outer rectangle (that I thought was a square) 72269.8 versus 69033.6

Very possible that I did hold down shift as in PS to make the “square” and then pulled visually without actually looking that the numbers (at that shift doesn’t that in SU)

I suppose I even have to subdivide my curves to get a smooth transition

"Have to find out about “reversed” faces (must admit don’t understand it 100%)
Thanks again

  1. There are two faces in Su front and back. The front default is white and back is dark gray although you can change that. If you open windows, styles, select the house icon will show tabs depicting what is in the model. Just worry about keeping them as you modelfor now. It gets to be head ach to fix after the fact.
  2. attach shows my comment about the coplanar edges. The 2 d layout on
    left should be on the ground plane implying all edges shoud be
    coplanar. When I try and delete coplanar edges as you can see in
    this pick only a few are deleted. It may help you to draw a big
    ground plan you can inference as you draw to make that happen. There
    are plugins to flatten also but you should learn to do it for the
    “next” time.
  3. I added a note also showing how an edges was modified to make total
    segment count relative small. Now is time to make the plans and think ahead what will help creating the number of balconies. If one assumes that selected edge, you can install the lampion support at those points and then install of lampion should be easy I hope.
    Note: the post I gave you with suggested support model / component has to be rescaled to scale you are using now.

    At present time I do not know which of the edges will part of the balcony outer edge

SU is not PS , if you use the rectangle tool watch the inferences, it displays for square and golden rectangles
Suggest you change the units precision to a minimum of 3 digits vs the 1 used now., remove length snapping:smiley.