FollowMe leaves open areas along the area's length

Cabinet Knob.skp (109.0 KB)

I’ve sketched the half section for a knob, drew a circle perpendicular to the section’s axis, selected the circle, selected the followme tool, and selected the half section. But it left blank areas.

I’ve done this before with no problems, but this leaves me without any ideas. So I’d appreciate any suggestions that you can offer.

Very respectfully,

Cabinet Knob.skp (20.0 KB)

I didn’t see how to back up the steps in the uploaded model, so this is it before the followme.

Opening your model now but I’ll guess it’s because you are working at too small a size and running into the tiny face issue… Use the Dave Method for this. Make a component of the profile and circular path, copy the component, scale the copy up (I generally use 1000x) open the component and run Follow Me. Close the component and delete it. Return to the original where you left it.



You taught me that several years ago and it had slipped my mind.

Thank you again: you are a wonderful asset to the community.

VERY respectfully,


Thanks Larry.

Sounds like you need to make more knobs. :smiley:

Happy New Year!