Kitchen- follow up

Im back again… I have been doing Follow Me function and having no problem until now. I was asked to draw a line around the cabinets which I have done so at least 6 times. According to the video I should be able to double click on 1 line to see all the lines highlighted in blue but I only see 1. Cant figure out what I am doing wrong.

11-Follow-Me 2-Kitchen.skp (1.1 MB)

Try triple clicking with Select instead of double clicking.

Got it… the video said double click. thanks!

I guess the video should be fixed. Triple click will select all connected geometry.

thanks… Ill have another question tomorrow about update a profile… had enough today.

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Hi Dave,
Do you know why I cant edit the attached? In the training video… I made a group for the lines I drew around the cabinet just like the video. Then I click or double click and my drawing does not open to make adjustments with the dotted line like shown in the video. I just see the red lines from when I locked it which was part of the step before I drew the lines.

11-Follow-Me 2-Kitchen1.skp (1.1 MB)

Are you trying to open the group that contains the path for FOllow Me? If that’s what you are trying to do but only getting the locked wall group, I would guess you aren’t clicking in the right spot.

Of course to edit a locked group you have to unlock it first.

If you really find it difficult to open the path group for editing, you could select it and move it straight up above the walls. Here I have the molding profile cut to the clipboard so I can paste in place inside the path group after I move the group up. If the path wasn’t going to be used again it could be deleted after the Follow Me operation is completed.

Yes, its for Follow Me. I am going to try to unlock it first before I edit the group but I looked again at the video… he made me lock it but nothing about unlocking it after I draw. Let me see what happends.

Something not working. I was able to get into edit mode then select area and click follow me. First it only did one section but then I redid it and the follow me doesnt work… Im giving up on this. 11-Follow-Me 2-Kitchen1.skp (1.1 MB)

see… I can only do 1 section even though I see the blue line all around the top of the cabinets which I grouped. I also got a message saying invalid path. 11-Follow-Me 2-Kitchen1.skp (1.1 MB)

I don’t know where it’s going pear-shaped for you.

Here I have the path group selected but not open for editing. At this point the path can’t be used for Follow Me. The profile is in position but it is outside of the group.

Here I’ve opened the path group for editing and pasted the crown molding profile into it. Notice that the bounding box is now 3D with the addition of the profile.

The group is opened for editing and the path selected.

Then I got the Follow Me tool and clicked on the molding profile.

Which video are you referring to?

Ok, I will try again… thanks for your patience.

Ok, so it looks like the profile needs to be part of the group. I will try that.


Yes. They should be in the same context. Either all geometry for both the path and the profile not grouped or all in the same group. There is a way to work with a profile in a group while the path is ungrouped but don’t even think about that until you have the basics of Follow Me down pat.

still not working… The profile is part of the group but the follow me only works on 1 side of cabinet and doesnt continue, even though I drew the lines around all the cabinets and included in the group. Just wondering if it has something to do with locking it. The video shows locking it but I couldnt open it to edit while in lock mode so I unlocked it. Trying it again.

Are you selecting ALL of the edges in the path? Are you getting the Follow Me tool or trying to use Push/Pull?

My diagram looks exactly like yours with the same items selected but I just get one section to work with follow me. Did you lock or unlock the whole kitchen?

I didn’t do anything to the whole kitchen.

Are you selecting the Push/Pull tool instead of Follow Me?

No, definitely using Follow me. It has something to do with the path.