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Greetings I am drawing a small built in shelf / Cabinet and I am trying to add a profile that I drew with the follow me tool. No matter what I try the Follow me will not work. I have watched countless videos on the follow me today and read a novel’s worth of FAQ and even parts of the user guide. For the life of me I can not get Sketchup to recognize the profile. I get a return that says profile must be perpendicular and I have it at 90’ to the face to be extruded. but the Follow Me tool has a circle with red line as in error coming up and the profile will not select. Model is loaded. It is a basic model as I am still learning the finer aspects of Sketchup.

Share your .skp file so we can see what you have and how to fix your setup.

I’m certain this is not a SketchUp bug.

The two most likely reasons are either the profile is grouped or the profile is more than one face with at least one smoothed edge.

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System tells me the file is to large even after zipping the file. So I moved the file to my drop box link is here. Last night I tried to push and pull and was able to move the profile slightly in the positive. Then I logged out of Sketchup and now I can not even push or pull the profile nor will it allow the follow me tool. Link is here. File is a .SKP as it saved last night.
Dropbox - Master Bath Medicine Cabinet follow me not working.skp - Simplify your life

At this point the thin sliver of the molding is a component. You can’t do anything with Follow Me or Push/Pull until you open it for editing.

If you want to use Follow Me around the case, first add a path to it. I would open the component for editing, delete all but the bottom face and then using the Line tool, trace the case to create a path for Follow Me to work with.


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Also, as I mentioned earlier, the face has smoothed edges which stop pushpull or follow me from working.

Follow me will probably fail also due to the small size. Scale up for a better chance of it working.
No, not too small, it does work.

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For future reference if you purge your file it goes from

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Screenshot - 2_14_2023 , 9_04_18 PM

Thank You Dave for the input. I may have gotten off track somewhere with all the Follow Me Tool Videos and made a mistake. Lesson learned again thank you as I am still learning the finer aspects of Sketchup I am sure that I will run into some more snags that are self created. I did initially have a path around the right side to the top and then down the left with the ledge in place that is hidden still in your demonstration of following the path. That was the first thing I did after designing the profile with the Bezier Curve plug in. Before I do anything else with the drawing I will purge then redraw the pathway for the Follow Me Tool, and fix the smoothed edges. I must have somewhere in making the profiled selected smooth edges not realizing that I did it. Again Thank you

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Thank you, After going back and doing a purge of model and then an edit of the profile found that there was one smoothed edge and that was causing the issue. I unsmoothed that edge and was able to use the follow me tool and all is working as should be. Again thank you as I learned that soften or smoothing an edge can cause error or issue in some aspects of a drawing. I also learned to unsmooth or unsoften the edge.

I assume you are wanting to wrap the profile all the way around the cabinet opening, so the first thing I did was to explode the profile, then erase the lines that create the depth. A profile used for the Follow Me tool should be a flat face, not a 3-dimensional object. I next created a vertical face on the inside opening of the cabinet frame, highlighted it and touched the curved profile with the Follow Me tool. After the moulding was completed, I erased the vertical face I’d created earlier to reveal the inside of the cabinet. It worked perfectly.

I have a custom ledge that the profile sits on that connects to the bottom shelf. I also designed for the same profile to wrap around under that ledge. But having now drawn it both ways I may do the picture frame style design as the final build. Working on moving the design over to Layout for shop plans and prints along with export to Cutlist Plus FX. I again want to thank every one that added input into the topic as I was seriously stuff due to a smoothed edge that had me stuck and even through me off because it allowed me to push pull one day before a save then not the next. But the Follow Me Tool is working and the Profile is an actual Cutting Knife Profile I had made for my Shop Fox Moulding Machine. I have to figure out how to make the Follow Me Tool Profile into individual components where each one breaks at the corner and is a 45 miter.

Try this. I used the Flip Along commands as in older versions of SketchUp. There’s a new Flip command in SU2023 which can do the same thing without using Move/Copy.

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