Follow Me Trouble

Hello all,

I’ve used Follow Me several times successfully with a crown molding face I created.

But recently, I have been unsuccessful in getting it to follow the path I have selected for the molding.

I keep getting a red circle with a slash through it (as in cannot perform function) when trying to activate.

I then try some basic follow me functions, like a circle and a path and it works fine.

I seem to be missing something but not sure what.

Help please.

follow me problem.skp (243.1 KB)

And so are we. Like the SU file, for example.

It could be that you don’t have a valid path but we are shooting in the dark without seeing what you’ve got.

Could also be you are trying to get a group to follow the path. It has to be a stand alone face or a face selected in edit inside a group.

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The red circle with the slash indicates you are trying to run Follow Me on something that it won’t work on. Specifically a closed component. Follow Me only works on faces. You can use Follow Me on the face inside the component, though. Select the edges that make up the path, get Follow Me (I’ve set up a shortcut for that), right click on the molding profile component and choose Edit Component. Click on the face.