Another simple Follow Me that doesn't work

Sometimes even the simplest things don’t work for me. This time a simple example of Follow Me. A circle and a 3x3 square which is a group.

Once you have selected the follow me tool, right click on the group and choose open for edit, then click the face.
GIF 15-03-2024 10-26-42 PM

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And I would have created that by just offsetting the outer circle in the width of your square, delete the center surface and push pull the length of the square.

It looks like the square is a group, you must either explode it or after selecting the path without quitting the tool right click on the square, edit group them click on the square inside the group.

The results might not be the desired cause the square isn’t perpendicular to the edge of the circle.

OK, thanks, it works but I haven’t heard of this method. The result includes a number of flaws. Why are they there and how do I fix them?

It’s possible that you’re modeling something so small it’s causing those errors. You could try reducing how many segments are in each curve, which could help. If not, there are other methods to get around the small geometry issue I suspect this is.

The “flaws” are due to the radius of the bends being too small. Make the path for the inside of the profile instead of the outside of the profile and try again.