Follow Me not working properly in 2017

So I am trying to make a part that we have in house for a prototype tool and I cannot get the follow me command to work properly. I draw the outline of the part which I wish to make 3d, make the circle under it to give it something to follow, and then select the part geometry, click follow me, and then click the circle and this happens. I tried just clicking follow me and selecting the face of the part and dragging it around the circle and that worked but why didn’t it work the other way?

What gives?

Follow Me works properly in 2017 if you use it correctly (the same way as it has always worked.) You’re doing it backwards. Select the edge of the circle, get the Follow Me tool and click on the face of the part. Select and delete the face of the circle first. Then you’ll wind up with a face on the bottom.

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Yes that works but try it with a curved component like an o ring

Post an example SKP

You want an O-ring? Here you go.

What do you mean? FollowMe needs two things to work: a single face and a path consisting of connected edges. It has always been like that. It has never worked on 3D objects. I don’t understand how it even could.

Hi … thanks for your instant response … this has been doing my head in for weeks. I have

W10 pro on a Dell with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 745 it does not work … the curved parts are missing

Had a brain wave … just tried it on

W10 Home on an old dell with NVIDIA GeForce GTX660 … it works!!

I no techie but that will help someone. Thanks

What? Are you just working at a very small size? Although they can exist, SketchUp won’t create very tiny faces if their edges are less than about .001".

It should have anything to do with which of those graphics cards you are using.

Hi Dave its a 4.5mm radius curve on the corner of a box.

As I said before, upload your SKP file so we can see it. I expect you’re running into the tiny face thing. You can get around that though. Use the “Dave Method”. You can find a tutorial by Box on it in the Tutorials section.

Hi … again you are right … i have just tried a bigger model on the W10 pro and it works. …

Im running into a similar problem with the follow me tool, im using the 2d model from the youtube video of how to use follow me that you guys posted ( the chess piece), Ive made the circle clicked the edges then clicked follow me but it doesnt extrude or allow me to click the face of the model. Im guessing its an issue with the model?

How about sharing your SKP file so we can see what you’ve got?