Follow me tool breaks geometry, please help!

Hello! When using follow me tool, geometry doesn’t follow perfectly it breaks where the arc starts. What am I doing wrong?

It’s doing what it’s supposed to do based on your setup. After you’ve run Follow Me, select all of the geometry and run Intersect Faces, then erase what you don’t want.

Alternatively you could draw a path aligned with the top of the profile.

I don’t know what is happening here, as it worked perfectly for me, running from the lower corner. Is the geometry very small? I tried several methods: selecting the parts of the path in random order, running without preselected path, making the arc with lots of segments…

Nah it’s 180mm height profile for ceiling moulding.

Tried Intersect Faces but there’s nothing to delete as faces do not intersect.

Path from the top have exactly the same result, though other corners are perfect

Don’t know if it matters but when click on Follow me I get an error and then I have to follow manually dragging the cursor:

That error usually means you have selected a path with a gap or a branch.
Attach your model.

Is there an infinitesimally small gap between the arc and the straight parts or do they slightly intersect? When you triple click on the first straight line, does the whole path get selected?

Yes, triple clicking selects the whole line with the arc and with the face I need it to follow.

So to attach the model I copy/pasted the line to a new empty model (that doesn’t have whole house attached to).

It still gives an error but it followed perfectly fine:

If you attach the model we can point out why you are getting the error. Just because it worked this time doesn’t mean you are understanding what the issue is.