Why geometry shows or not when I use "follow me" with same profile?

Hello I am NOT in the “view geometry mode”
Yet, while I working on this glass maze concept I have tried in several ways
by making groups of lines and then do the “followme” outside the main square/terrain face

I really got into trouble when crossing and changing direction the “follow me”
seems to just chase lines and create these arrows
that are very difficult to remove as the glass is double layer
when I go to use “intersect with model”

At first I pulled the glass only then the “foundation volume” on each side .
Its for a game so not real architecture as per photo from the full layout on of my screen
I love the shape but wanted to try again to avoid the arrows
as pulling the foundations along on each side was very cumbersome.
So I changed the profile into one
and wanted to paint the foundation edge with bricks or rocks

Since then when stating again I get these lines after I finish the first “followme”
I turned the profile to be used with “followme” thinking maybe it has a side
but to now avail.

May I ask, do you know why one extrudes like clear glass
and when I start another one it shows all the faces (when I do not use separate groups
of lines for the “follow me” action?

When I did the whole thing in groups of shapes it did not do that.
I want inside and tried to clean up the crossings with “intersect faces” and
it created disasters :slight_smile: at the connection points

It makes it very difficult to paint with materials later on.

I only can get the 1st follow me without the all the lines.

I turned the under face into water so I can use followme from underneath
It’s not easy to rotate up and down while using followme but I manage

Thank you very much for your time and knowledge.
It is always much appreciated

I suspect you are trying to drag your follow me, whenever you use follow me it explodes the curve of the profile, so if you stop and start it will show the hard edges.

But if you preselect the path it will be smooth.

GIF 4-06-2024 11-09-17 AM

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WOW thank you
yes sometimes I could not make my mind up to turn left or right at “Y” sections
I will try to do that again according your advice