Follow Me does not produce a solid


I am using Follow Me to make a handle out of a bar. The actual operation to manufacture will be to cut a straight bar, 0.5" diameter, and bend it 90 deg in two places to make a handle that can be welded to tube. I drew a line with 5 segments to make the path to follow,(straight, 90 deg bend, straight, 90 deg bend, straight), then a 0.5" diameter circle with a center at the end point of the first line. I selected the Follow Me tool, selected the circle and then followed the path I just drew. It created the bar as expected but when I group the result it does not show as a solid. I have tried it just using one segment, making a straight bar, and it still does not result in a group that is a solid. Any help is appreciated.


Some possibilities

  • the size of your object. The followme operation might produce so short segments that SketchUp won’t fil the result with a face, leaving empty holes in your model. You might try scaling the whole thing up by 10 x before performing the FollowMe, and then scaling it back down when finished.
  • if the bends are filleted with a too small radius, the resulting geometry might be slightly distorted, with small protruding faces intersecting
  • or, when you select the objects for grouping, you are including extraneous objects (the FollowMe path, for instance).

Just suggestions



It was extraneous objects in the group, as you suggested the FollowMe path. I moved the entity away from the path, grouped it, and it showed up as a solid. Thank you.