Having Trouble Using Solid Tools on a follow me object

I am creating a grab bar to go around a sink. I created the tubes using the follow me tool. When I try to trim one using the solid tool, it says I am not using a solid. I am sure I am doing something dumb. Hopefully someone can set me straight. I also turned them into a component as I didn’t want them to stick together if things were not going right.


Custom Grab bar.skp (3.3 MB)

Neither of the tube components are solids. You would see that in Entity Info when you select them. You could use ThomThom’s Solid Inspector2 to help you determine why and in most cases repair the components.

Out of curiosity, why are you modeling this upside down? The solid blue axis should be pointing up.

The stray edges are the original follow-me paths. If the extruded profile doesn’t place one of its vertices on the path, the path is retained after the follow-me. Here, it is the centerline of the tube. Delete those centerlines to get solids.

I don’t know your plans for this model, but I must note that the sink component contains 25444 edges and 16894 faces. Unless the sink is a major item of the model and will be viewed close up, that is a lot of geometry.

And if your project contains several bathrooms with this sink, you will end up in trouble.

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the quick response. You are always fast! How do I get ThomThom solid inspector in my SketchUp?

As far as modeling this upside down, I just copied this into a blank SketchUp file so it would be smaller. I didn’t even think about how I was pasting inside the axis.



You’re welcome.

Go to Window>Extension Warehouse and search for it. Then click Install.

From your original screen show it looks like your other model might be upside down, too. You might want to check that before you go much further with your model.

Thanks everyone for your help. I found out how to download the Thom Thom inspector.

The other model was drawn upside down. I didn’t start the model, but inherited it.

My models are fairly easy. I will only have the one sink. I downloaded it from Kohler so I could design the grab bar. I’ll keep everyone advice in mind as I move on.
Thanks again everyone!

I guess I should go to a boot camp one day. I am always doing things the wrong way!

Inherited models are sometimes the worst. :wink:

Do you live in Australia? Maybe that would explain the inversion. :smiley:

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Yes. I have been known to give up on inherited models.

No, I don’t live in Australia, but have a brother from another mother down there!

I have flipped the model correct now so moving forward I will be situated correctly for the States.

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