Follow me array?

Is there a way to create an array that follows a path? I found a video of someone doing it on Youtube, but don’t know what that extension is. I’m using a Mac and using Sketchup make 15.3

Hello! :slight_smile: The plugin used is SCF Toolbar.

It looks like that’s from 2010. I don’t see any compatibility specs. I downloaded pathcopy which I think is part of another extension called Weld. I installed it, but can’t figure out how to open the toolbar

Component Stringer in the Extension Warehouse works in v16…

SCFToolbar was problematic even at the time…


You probably want to stay away from those old plugins anyway. Many used poor practices and can actually cause SketchUp or other plugins to fail.

Stick with the Extension Warehouse, SketchUcation Store, or Smustard for extensions.

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If it is simple array along the curve (not involving scaling of components), then I personally prefer PathCopy by Smustard

But I know already mentioned Component Stringer works as well.

Pathcopy is not part of Weld. I’m not sure how you got that idea. Pathcopy, like many extensions has no toolbar. If it is installed correctly, you’ll find it in the Extensions menu.