Follow cursor when drawing/moving/pulling etc?

Any way to do this? I’m constantly having to zoom out to move things that are off the window view.

Oh … you mean an autopan or autoscroll feature that detects when the cursor “bumps” the edge of the viewport ?

I haven’t seen anything like this. It is not a native feature.

But what you can do is hold the SHIFT key and the middle mouse button and pan until the desired object(s) are in view, then release the middle mouse button and the modifier key and the previous tool is resumed.

What I used to do in AutoCAD is press a zoom out Fkey a time or two until I could see the destination for my line (or whatever) move the cursor to the place where I wanted to zoom into and press the zoom in Fkey the same number of times. I found it much faster than dealing with AutoCAD’s pan command or even the scroll bars (r13 and higher running under Windows.)
[FYI for ACAD users, I used to modify the normal ACAD Fkey assignments.]

With these Ruby commands added to the menu …'View').add_item('Zoom In') {
  Sketchup.active_model.active_view.zoom( 2.0 )
}'View').add_item('Zoom Out') {
  Sketchup.active_model.active_view.zoom( 0.5 )

… you can add keychord shortcut for them.

Problem is the factors do not take the cursor position into account. Which is what I’d want.

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Look Around
Zoom Window
Zoom Extents

Those above, and many other Camera commands are transparent.
That is, they do not interfere with the active modeling tool.

You’re free to move about at any time as needed to accomplish a modeling operation.
Simply hit Esc to resume the current operation.

Thanks for the replies. Yes I was hoping that it would detect viewport edge and autoscroll (similar to Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop). The ESC key works though!

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