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I don’t remember if Solidworks or Autocad do it, but I use Altium Designer everyday, and I simply couldn’t live without the auto-pan/scroll at edge feature. This idea of using the shift key with mouse buttons to pan, zoom, center, orbit just to continue a line is not good. It’s an obvious feature that’s strangely missing. And if you do it, be sure to allow the user to adjust the speed of pan.
…Or maybe I’m wrong and it’s hidden some option somewhere?

there is an old extension called InfinatePanOrbit, but it may not work on newer versions of SU…

@jiminybillybob might know?


imagine you have a big/slow model and every time (unintentionally) touching the edge a screen redraw would be triggered… definitely something which needs to be configurable.


the plugin only operates if you are Panning or Orbiting so no additional redraws occur…

however the observers used will have some overall effect…


I’m used to the behavior from several games and do not miss having it in SU. Shift+Middle Mouse Button doesn’t really take that much more time and is in my view easier to use, at least in a 3D environment.

With automatic panning you’d very easily accidentally move the camera. Also it would be quite difficult to adjust the speed. If you model a cityscape you’d need a whole different panning speed than if you model a building, not to mention a table. Mouse panning solves this because it knows the distance between the camera and the 3D point you click to initialize panning. If the point you clicked is nearby you only move a short distance, if the point is far away you might move a kilometer.

I’m using it too, and I wish it would navigate like SU…

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