Can you make the drawing or view follow the cursor or drawing tools

Is there a way to make the drawing follow the cursor… When I am zoomed in on detail and I want to take a line off screen it doesn’t follow the line tool. Or any drawing tool. Is there a solution for this.

I’m not sure I totally understand what you are asking for. The Line tool will follow the cursor and you can move the camera after you’ve started drawing a line and then return to drawing the line. Best way is to use the center mouse button/wheel for navigating.

Here, after starting the Line tool, I’m holding Shift with the center mouse button to activate Pan so I can move the view along toward the right. The line is continued until I left click to set the second end point.

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in your model it shows the line tool switching to the hand select tool and then back to the line tool. How is that accomplished without going to the tool bar?

As I described, I’m using the center mouse button and Shift key to activate Pan.

The scroll wheel is used for Zoom, Pressing the center mouse button down activates Orbit and pressing the center mouse button along with Shift activates Pan.

Got it - forgot the shift key. that helps a lot - thanks

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