Draw a Continuous Long Line

I want to try a simple straight line from one point to another, but I run out of monitor real estate and have to pan…which I then loose my line tool.
How do I draw a Continuous Line without having to zoom way out?
Thanks for the help
SketchUp Make 2017

Get it started in the direction you need, lock the inference direction, and then type the finished length.

Or use the middle mouse button and shift to pan without losing grip of your line.

Or use the shortcut key O to switch to orbit, reframe the model as needed, then click back into the line tool… your line is still there being drawn.

potato, potahto… poteto?



Aside from the other ways of working, if you had press P to pan, you can press L and your line will reappear.

use the middle mouse button and shift to pan without losing grip of your line.

This idea is working for me.
Thanks for the help

Keep in mind this works with the Move tool and others, as well.

Keep in mind that this also work with Scenes switch. So, if you plan to trace many lines from very distant points and want to stay zoomed in enough to get precision in snapping the end of the lines, you can create scenes that are zoomed, orbited and panned in order to give a correct view for each of these areas of the model.

Once done, you can simply do this:

1 - Click on scene 1.

2 - Click on start endpoint to begin a line.

3 - Click on scene 2. The Line Tool is still active and the already started line is still active.

4 - Click on final endpoint to complete the line.

Repeat as required.

You can have as many of those scenes as you need.

Once the model or that part of the model is done, delete the scenes if you don’t need them anymore.