Fog over hybrid linework in Layout

Any chance of making fog work over hybrid linework in Layout?

It’s a really useful way of adding graduated depth to Layout views and also a quick and simple masking method for eliminating backgrounds in plans and elevations. However, as our construction drawing sets generally need to have hybrid render to get vector linework we lose the ability to use it, which is frustrating.

The various workarounds are not as good visually and often cumbersome to implement.



Textures, shadows, transparency, sketchy edges and Fog are raster processing based features that are, I understand, not possible to implement with vector geometry. Those vector graphics applications like Illustrator that have a transparency feature usually cannot export that to any other vector format.


When need the base plan showing “ghosted” under other graphics, such as on and Electric schematic, or ductwork or plumbing, I make a layer just above the one where the base plan is displayed. On that layer I put a filled rectangle, using white paint with, say, 20% transparency. You can adjust the transparency to show more or less of the base plan.