I am using Layout 2023 and trying to export to PDF. Specific issues are my hidden line details are not showing up when I export to PDF

Also the “FOG” tool is not showing up in the PDF export as well.

R10 JENKINS KITCHEN.layout (11.6 MB)

Does this look like what you are hoping to get?


I turned off Output override in Document Setup>Rendering so the edges won’t be display as vector lines.
Screenshot - 12_14_2023 , 8_29_42 AM

Vector rendering of the linework won’t display back edges which you are using for the hidden features and they won’t work with fog.

There are other ways to handle the effects you want if you want vector linework.

Please complete yuor forum profile with SkethUp version. I expect it’s time to update the operating system and graphics card info, too.

Thank you Dave! I tried messing with the reference settings but I guess I just couldn’t get the correct combination. Thank you so much for your help!

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